Akashic Record Readings

An Akashic Record reading brings you information about the history of your Soul from the moment it was created by Source. You will discover your Soul group of origination, your Soul’s purpose, your unique gifts and talents, Soul characteristics, life lessons, past lives and places/periods of history during which your Soul experienced the most evolution. This reading can also offer insight into life areas such as:

*Your romantic relationships (for example if you have known your partner in past lifetimes, if you are Soul mates/have a karmic connection with them or what life lesson the relationship supports for your Soul).

*Your career (for example whether or not you are utilizing your Soul gifts to their best advantage in your job, if you would be best suited to a different field of work, or even running your own business as an entrepreneur). You can find out about your manifesting abilities too and the best way to align with financial abundance.

*Your family members. I can access the Akashic Records of your parents, siblings, children or spouse. Once you have this information, it will enable you to understand who they are at Soul level and/or perhaps improve  your relationship with them too. Please note, I can only bring enlightenment with regards to people who you are related to/in a close relationship with (as this directly involves your Soul journey) so for example, this does not include your ex or a man or woman at work that you are attracted to!


All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please read my Code of Ethics.