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About Your Reading

An Akashic Record reading allows access to information about the history of your Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source. As well as showing your Soul profile, it provides insight into how the choices you made in your past lives may be impacting upon your current life in both positive and negative ways. It can shed light upon why you are attracting the same kind of circumstances and people into your life again and again or why you experience irrational longings or fears. An Akashic Record reading can also offer insights into other life areas such as:

*Your relationships with other people: This includes romantic partners, spouses, family/relatives, friends, workmates or even neighbors) Discover whether or not you have known these people in a past life (or many past lives) and what your connection to them was in those incarnations. You can find out if you are Soulmates, twin flames or part of the same Soul group and if there are any karmic connections between you or any residual past life issues that need to be resolved.

*Your Divine Manifesting Blueprint in your career or business: This will help you to know what business strategies, processes and systems will align to the greatest financial abundance for you. It will also help to uncover any blocks and restrictions that are perhaps reducing the flow of money and/or limiting new or returning customers. Discover the way in which your Soul is designed to experience it’s Divinity through creation in this lifetime. Learn how to set your intentions for what you want to manifest and how to shift your vibrational state so that you are in alignment with your desired outcome. Learn how to take new action so that you can attract new results which are congruent to your own unique Divine self-expression.

An Akashic Record reading will inform you of who you truly are at Soul level. It will also identify any negative patterns, blocks and restrictions held in your Akashic Record which could be preventing you from manifesting abundance in this lifetime. During the reading with the help of the Akashic Record Guides, I will energetically clear any blocks and restrictions on the fifth-dimensional level. Your Soul will then be restored back to it’s Original Divine Blueprint which will enable you to express your Divine nature and live in alignment with your Soul purpose.


All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please read my Code of Ethics.