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I’ve been interested in Tarot since I obtained my first deck when I was a schoolgirl. I took up reading the cards later in life and now have over twenty years of experience. Around five years ago I discovered Biddy Tarot and decided to take Brigit Esselmont’s Certified Reader Course in order to get accreditation before I set up my own website. I have also spent time as a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader (which was a great experience!)

As well as reading Tarot, I am a registered Soul Realignment practitioner and also access the Akashic Records. However, over the past few years, I’ve discovered that when I combine Tarot cards with information from the Akashic Records it gives my readings much more depth. It’s as though they become multi-dimensional, making it easier to see all sides of the client’s story, especially from the perspective of their Soul.

My readings are all done in written form, sent to you in a PDF including an image of the cards drawn during the session and you are welcome to ask for further clarification if required. I’ve deliberately kept the choices of readings to a minimum, as I find that most people prefer to simply learn about who they are at Soul level, rather than have a full Soul Realignment reading¬† (which includes distance energy clearing and healing)¬† although this is available on request.

ONE question reading.

If you choose this option, I will pull some Tarot cards and briefly access your Akashic Record to bring you extra Soul level insight and guidance.

THREE question reading including an Akashic Record Soul Signature report.

An Akashic Record Soul Signature report uncovers who you truly are at Soul level and shows you how to align with your Divine Soul Blueprint in order to create more abundance for yourself in all life areas. You will learn about:

*The predominant energies your Soul works with and how to express these qualities in order to fulfil your life purpose. 

*The place where your Soul chose to incarnate for the very first time (ie whether you are an Earth Soul or a Starseed Soul) and the traits and characteristics of that planet or star system which are a permanent part of your Soul signature.

*The archetype/s your Soul has chosen to work with during this lifetime and how you can align with them.

*Your life lessons for this incarnation.

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