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My name is Sharon Struga and I am a  professional Tarot reader and registered Soul Re -Alignment Practitioner. As well as Tarot, I also read the Akashic Records, which offer insight about the journey of your Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source (see “About the Akashic Records” for more information).

I have been interested in Tarot since I obtained my first deck when I was a schoolgirl. I took up reading the cards later in life and now have over twenty years experience. A few years ago (when I finally got a computer) I discovered biddytarot.com so I joined and initially started doing free readings on Brigit’s website.

I went on to take her Certified Tarot Reader online course in order to get an accredited certification before I set up my own website. Since then, I have progressed to become a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader (of which I am very proud!)

I offer a variety of readings, which are all done by email and sent in a word document (including an image of the cards in the spread) and you are welcome to ask for clarification about anything. You can either purchase a reading here or if you prefer, go to www.biddytarot.com and pay there.

Here is what’s available:

One question quick Tarot reading. ($43)

A tarot reading doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy if all you require is a quick answer to one question. So while this Tarot reading does offer insight and guidance, it is also specific and to the point. This reading is approximately 2 pages long and you can expect to receive it within 1-3 days.

In depth Tarot reading ($97)

Sometimes a longer Tarot reading is needed, especially if you are experiencing challenges in several areas of your life. If you choose this option I will create a specific Tarot spread for you and also have a look at who you are at Soul level in order to offer a more comprehensive reading. This reading is approximately 6 pages long and you can expect to receive it within 3-5 days.

Akashic Record reading ($120)

If you choose to invest in this reading you will receive a full Soul profile report which gives you information about your Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source. Once your Akashic Record is open you will have the chance to ask the Guides up to THREE questions about the life area of your choice. You will learn about the following:

*Your Soul group of origination.
*Important past lives and periods of history which have an ongoing influence on you and the legacies you have carried down from them.
*Who you were in past lifetimes, where/how you lived, your occupation etc.
*Whether you completed karmic debts in past incarnations or if some are still held in your Akashic Record.
*Your primary energy centre and your Angelic Realm of training.
*Your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
*Your Divine Soul gifts and talents.
*Your Soul urges.
*What your Soul wants you to work on in this lifetime.
*How connected you are to your Higher Self and your Spiritual path.
*Your life lessons for this incarnation,
*Your Spiritual occupation between lifetimes when you are on the other side.
*How many Spirit Guides you have on your team, what they assist you with and how they communicate with you.(I can also provide more details about your Guides such as appearance, names etc if you would like more information).
*How much Spiritual protection you currently have around you.
*If there are any energetic blocks and restrictions that are being held in your Akashic Record which may be restricting the flow of energy you receive from Divine Source. These may include: Golden Web tears, past life traumas, Soul contracts, vows, pacts, astral entity attachments, lingering connections with other Souls, God Spark damage, perceptions of unjustified karma which are no longer in your highest good, missing or extra Soul facets (once these blocks and restrictions have been identified I will request that they are energetically cleared at the fifth dimension by the Akashic Record Guides during the Soul Re-Alignment so that your Soul Record can be updated to the highest path and purpose available). This reading is approximately 12-15 pages long and you can expect to receive it within 7 days.

Akashic Record/Tarot reading combined ($223)
This is an in depth report which includes an intuitive Tarot reading combined with a Soul Profile/Akashic Record reading incorporating remote energy clearing and healing to restore your Soul back to it’s original Divine Blueprint. Once your Akashic Record is open you will get the opportunity to ask the Guides up to TWELVE questions about your chosen subjects. This reading is approximately 16 pages long and you can expect to receive it within 7 -10 days.

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All readings are for entertainment purposes only. Please read my Code of Ethics.