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I’m a  professional Tarot reader and Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner. As well as Tarot, I also read the Akashic Records – and over the past few years, I’ve discovered that when I combine Tarot cards with information from the Akashic Records it gives my readings much more depth. It’s as though they became multi-dimensional, making it easier to see all sides of the client’s story, especially from the perspective of their Soul. 

I’ve been interested in Tarot since I obtained my first deck when I was a schoolgirl. I took up reading the cards later in life and now have over twenty years of experience. Around five years ago I discovered Biddy Tarot and decided to take Brigit Esselmont’s Certified Reader Course in order to get accreditation before I set up my own website. I have also spent time as a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader (which was a great experience!)

My readings are all done in written form, sent to you in a PDF (including an image of the cards drawn during the session) and you are welcome to ask for further clarification if required. Here is what’s available:

One question Tarot reading ($35)

If you just need a quick answer to one question, I will pull some Tarot cards and briefly access your Akashic Record to bring you Soul level insight and guidance.

In-depth Tarot reading – up to three questions ($75)

Alternatively, if you would prefer a more detailed reading, I will combine messages from Tarot with information from your Akashic Record. You’ll also learn about your Soul’s primary energy centres (essentially your Divine Soul gifts and talents) and how to express these qualities in your day to day life to bring about the most positive results with regards to the situations you are asking about.

Akashic Record Soul Signature reading ($75)

This reading uncovers who you truly are at Soul level and shows you how to align with your Divine Soul Blueprint in order to fulfil your life purpose. It includes details about your Soul gifts, talents, traits and characteristics (which clients say is the most validating and empowering information about themselves they have ever received) and also reveals:

*The place where your Soul chose to incarnate for the very first time (ie whether you are an Earth Soul or a Starseed Soul) and the traits and characteristics of that planet or star system which are a permanent part of your Soul signature.

*The archetype/s your Soul has chosen to embody during this lifetime.

*Your Soul specialization/ the spiritual work you do in between lives.

*How many past lifetimes you’ve had (are you a young Soul or an old Soul?)

*The places and periods of history during which your Soul experienced the most evolution.

*The archetypes you have embodied in past lives, and how this affects you today.

*Your life lessons for this incarnation.

*How many Spirit Guides you have on your team, who they are, how they assist you and what messages they have for you. 

*Your Soul’s vibration rate (this lets you know to what extent you are invested in the evolution of your Soul)

Tarot/Akashic Record reading and Soul Realignment clearing and healing including THREE questions to the Guides ($125)

This is an intricate report comprising of approximately 14-16 pages. It includes an intuitive Tarot reading combined with an Akashic Record Soul Signature reading (see above) and during the time your Akashic Record is open, you will get the chance to ask the Guides three questions of your choice. It also incorporates a Soul-Realignment clearing and healing session during which you will learn about any past or present life energetic blocks and restrictions currently held in your Akashic Record that could be causing you to attract the same sort of (negative) people and situations or holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Once these restrictive patterns and blockages have been identified, I will request that they are cleared from your Akashic Record so that your Divine Soul Blueprint is restored to its original fifth-dimensional aspect and above. You will also be given some “homework” in the form of a short request to read out for 21 days in a row (as this helps to integrate the clearing work at the level of the subconscious mind). However, you must then take conscious action to leverage your Divine gifts, traits, and characteristics within your relationships, career and day to day life in order to facilitate positive change and to create more of what you want.

You are always welcome to contact me after your Akashic Record Soul Realignment session if you need further support or assistance with regards to making positive changes in your life or to simply give me an update on your situation!

(Although Akashic Record readings usually sell at a premium rate, I prefer to keep them at a more realistic level so that everyone has a chance to access the wisdom of their Soul)



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