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I was drawn to the metaphysical world and the mysticism of Tarot from an early age (when I obtained my first deck at 11). However, it wasn’t until later in life that I took up studying the cards seriously – and I now have over 25 years of experience in reading for other people. 

In 2013 I discovered Biddy Tarot and decided to take Brigit Esselmont’s Certified Reader Course in order to get accreditation before setting up my own website.

I have also learned to read the Akashic Records (taking courses with both Andrrea Hess and Anna Sayce) and I’ve found that combining Tarot and Oracle cards with this particular modality gives the readings much more depth. It’s as though they become multi-dimensional, making it easier to see all sides of the client’s story, especially from the perspective of their Soul.

My readings are all done in written form, sent to you in a PDF including an image of the cards drawn during the session, so you can refer back to the information time and time again. You are welcome to ask for further clarification and support if required. Here is what I offer:

ONE question quick Tarot reading.

This option is ideal if you are in need of a “straight to the point” answer to a question, or if you would simply like some spiritual words of reassurance or encouragement from the cards. The reading consists of approximately 500 words and will be delivered to you within 1-3 days.   

ONE question in-depth Tarot reading. 

If you choose this option, I will design a specific spread for your question and pull several Tarot and Oracle cards in order to have a deeper look into the situation you are asking about. You will also receive further insight and advice from your spirit guide team or any elementals, animal guides or ascended masters who may be currently assisting you from a higher realm. The reading consists of approximately 1500 words and will be delivered to you within 3-5 days.     

Akashic Record/Soul profile report and Soul Realignment distance energy clearing & healing.

This insightful, unique, and detailed reading will bring you information about every aspect of who you are at Soul level from the moment you were created by Divine Source up to the present day, as well as highlighting some of the important choices you have made along your spiritual journey. It will also help you understand and work through any negative patterns and blockages from past incarnations that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential in this lifetime.

Although no question to the Guides is included here (as this is a stand-alone Akashic Record/Soul profile reading and Distance Energy Clearing and Healing) you can always add on a “quick” or “in-depth” Tarot option, at the same time as/or following your reading, if there is a specific life or spiritual area for which you require further advice and guidance. 

Here are a few examples of what you will discover:

*Your Soul’s purpose.

*The predominant energies your Soul works with and how to embody these vibrational qualities in the physical dimension in order to align to your Divine Soul Blueprint and create fulfillment and abundance.  

*The Soul energies you need to express in all life areas, including your career (and the ones to avoid) so you don’t create lack by being incongruent to who you are at Soul level).

*The place where your Soul chose to incarnate for the very first time (ie whether you are an Earth Soul or a Starseed Soul) and the traits and characteristics of that planet or star system which are a permanent part of your Soul signature.

*Your primary and secondary life lessons for this incarnation.

*Your Soul gifts, talents, and specializations.

*The careers and “training courses” you do in-between lives while you are in the Spirit world.

*How many past lives you’ve had, the places and time periods, and the roles/themes your Soul chose during these incarnations.

*How many Spirit Guides you have on your team and what they help you with.

*The energies of other Spirits, elementals, Animal Guides, or Ascended Masters that are around you. 

*The mystery school or religion which still has an ongoing positive influence on you (while all mystery schools and religions hold Divine Wisdom and Truth, the Soul is often drawn to the ones which help it along the path to evolution).

 *Your Soul vibration rate (ie how you are evolving on a Spiritual level).

*Your Soul colors (each color of the spectrum has its own energetic vibration and the color that your Soul radiates reflect the many and diverse experiences along its journey to enlightenment).

*How many white and blue lights you have attracted (which help you to manifest your intentions through co-incidences and opportunities).   

*How many spheres of protection you have around you (which indicates how congruent you are to your Divine self-expression).

This reading will also highlight any blocks and restrictions that, on an energetic level, are still being held in your Akashic Record. Such as:

*Golden Web tears.

*Holding onto extra Soul facets that are not your own.

*Soul facet loss caused by trauma in past or current lifetimes.

*Past life vows that no longer serve you (and could still be impacting upon you in this lifetime).

*Negative unjustified karma.

*Hooks, cords, or anger spears.

*Past life contracts (such as Soulmate, protection or, healing).

*Attaching Earthbound Souls.

*Portalways that are open to past lives, parallel lifetimes, beings from other dimensions/ planetary systems or, negative astrals.

Finally, with the help of the Guides, I will clear your Akashic Record of any negative influences that are the result of choices you made in past lifetimes that could still be impacting your life today, preventing you from aligning with your Divine nature and achieving happiness and abundance. You will also receive:

*A short video that will help restore the integrity of your Divine Soul Blueprint if you have lost any Soul facets due to traumatic events in past lifetimes. 

*A short guided meditation that you can use to bring down additional energetic information from your Akashic Record. 

The reading consists of approximately 10 pages and will be delivered to you within 7-10 days. 

Please email me at 19sharotarot58@gmail.com if you require further information. 

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