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My name is Sharon Struga and I am a  professional Tarot reader and registered Soul Re-Alignment Practitioner. As well as Tarot, I also read the Akashic Records, which offer insight on the journey of the Soul from the moment it was created by Divine Source. I discovered that when I combined both Tarot and the Akashic Records it gave my readings so much more depth and they became multi-dimensional, making it easier for me to see all sides of the story.

I have been interested in Tarot since I obtained my first deck when I was a schoolgirl. I took up reading the cards later in life and now have over twenty years experience. Initially, I started doing free readings on Biddy Tarot and went on to take Brigit’s Certified Biddy Tarot Reader online course in order to get an accredited certification before I set up my own website. I have also spent three years as a Biddy Tarot Endorsed Reader.

My readings are all done by email and sent in a word document (including an image of the cards in the spread) and you are welcome to ask for clarification about anything. Here is what’s available:

One quick question Tarot reading ($43)

A reading doesn’t necessarily have to be lengthy if all you require is a quick answer to one question. So while this option offers insight and guidance, it is also specific and to the point. You can expect to receive your reading within 3 days.

In-depth Tarot reading ($97)

Sometimes a more detailed reading is needed, especially if you need insight into more than one life area. If you chose this option I will create a specific Tarot spread and combine this with information from your Akashic Record, which will offer a greater understanding and insight into your situation. You can expect to receive your reading within 5 days.

Akashic Soul Signature reading. This includes ONE question to the Akashic Record Guides. ($123)

If you choose to invest in this reading you will receive a comprehensive report of your Soul’s journey from the moment it was created by Divine Source. You will learn how to align more fully with your Divine Soul Blueprint so that you can create a life of fulfillment and abundance. You will also discover:
*Whether your Soul presents as male or female.
*How many times your Soul has incarnated and into which gender.
*How many spheres of protection you have around you.
*How many spiritual white and blue lights you have “earned” in this lifetime.
*Your Soul’s vibrational rate.
*Your past lives ie who you were, where/how you lived, your occupation etc.
*Your Souls primary energy center and how aligning to this can help you to fulfill your life purpose.
*Your Divine Soul gifts and talents.
*How connected you are to your Higher Self and your Spiritual path.
*Your primary life lessons.
*Your Soul specialization and what you do in the Spirit world between lifetimes.
*Your intuitive and empath gifts.
*Your Spirit Guide team, who they are, what they assist you with, what they would like you to know.
*Whether there are any other astral beings around you such as ancestors, animal Guides, elementals etc.
This report is approximately 12-14 pages and you can expect to receive it within 7 days.

Tarot & Akashic Record reading combined and Soul Re-Alignment clearing & healing at Soul-level. This includes THREE questions to the Akashic Record Guides ($223)

If you chose to invest in this reading you will receive an intuitive Tarot reading combined with an Akashic Record/Soul Profile reading (see above) plus a report of any energetic blocks and restrictions that are being held in your Akashic Record which could be preventing you from aligning with your Divinity. For example this may include: Golden Web tears, past life traumas, past life Soul contracts, vows, pacts, astral entity attachments or lingering attachments with other Souls, God Spark damage, perceptions of unjustified karma which are no longer in your highest good, Soul facet loss or holding onto Soul facets that are not your own.
Once these blocks and restrictions have been identified I will request that they are energetically cleared by the Akashic Record Guides during the Soul Re-Alignment part of your reading. Also once your Akashic Record is open you will have the chance to ask the Guides three questions of your choice. This report is approximately 16-18 pages and you can expect to receive it within 7-10 days.


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