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I was drawn to the mysticism of Tarot and Oracle cards from an early age (when I obtained my first decks at 11). However, it wasn’t until later in life that I took up studying the cards seriously. I’ve also learned to access the Akashic Records (which has increasingly become my main area of focus). 

I am currently offering a unique reading which will inform you about every aspect of who you are at Soul level from the moment you were created by Divine Source up to the present day. It will highlight some of the important choices you have made along your spiritual journey and teach you how to utilize your innate Soul gifts and talents while fulfilling your life purpose. 

As well as an in-depth 10-12 -page Akashic Record report, you will receive Tarot and Oracle card spreads that focus on THREE life areas you would like insight and guidance upon. During this time I will also relay any messages that I receive for you from Spirit and the Higher Dimensions.

Here is a summary of what you will discover:

*Your Soul purpose (how to BE more of who you truly are).

*Your life purpose (how to DO something that puts you in alignment with who you truly are).

*Your Divine Energy Centres (which are the “building blocks” of what your Soul is made up of ) and how to express these vibrational qualities in all life areas, including your career, so you can create fulfilment and abundance.

*The place where your Soul chose to incarnate for the very first time (ie whether you are an Earth Soul or a Starseed Soul) and the traits and characteristics of that planet or star system which are a permanent part of your Soul signature.

*Your primary and secondary life lessons for this incarnation.

*Your Soul archetype (additional) gifts, talents, and specializations.

*The careers and “training courses” you do in-between lives while you are in the Spirit world.

*How many past lives you’ve had, the places & time periods, and  some of  the roles/themes your Soul chose during these incarnations.

*How many Spirit Guides you have on your team and other information I pick up (such as who your Guides are, or any messages they  may have for you).

*The energies of other Spirits, Elementals, Animal Guides, Ancestors or Ascended Masters that are currently around you. 

*The mystery school or religion which still has an ongoing positive influence on you & which has helped you along the path to enlightenment).  

*Your Soul vibration rate (ie how you are evolving on a Spiritual level).

*How many white and blue lights you have attracted (which help you to manifest your intentions through co-incidences and opportunities).   

*How many spheres of protection you have around you (which indicates how congruent you are to your Divine self-expression) 

If you need any further information please email me at: sharotarot7@gmail.com 

The waiting time for readings is approximately 7-10 days.


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